Tax proceedings

We handle tax cases of our clients. We know from experience that every tax case is an individual, unique matter. The factual situation established in one tax case will not be relevant in any other case. There are no two identical tax cases.

The regulations of tax law change dynamically and this is the specific kind of dynamics that nature has predicted for chaos. But that’s not all. The reason for taxpayer’s suffering is both constant changes in tax law as well as sudden changes in tax law interpretations, often fixed in the course of several years of practice. The result of this is the tax disputes and, consequently, the tax proceedings that are going on forever. There is no single tax procedure. The least formalized are inspection activities, and besides, there is tax control, customs and tax control or tax proceedings within the strict meaning of the term. Added to this are appeal and judicial proceedings in tax matters. There are enforcement proceedings. There are security proceedings. In all proceedings, the taxpayer has been granted quite a substantial set of appeals. In addition, one can apply for a statement, individual interpretation or a security opinion in the appropriate manner.

We know what a taxpayer expects from a professional legal representative acting in tax matters. A lawyer specializing in taxes, a tax advisor is such a professional representative. First of all, a tax advisor can not rely on a routine. Second, in general everyone can write pleadings. However, the point is to make a complaint, request, appeal or complaint, it has to be well formulated.