Business restructuring

Support from a tax advisor is required for processes such as mergers, divisions and transformations of companies. Similarly, the transfer of operations abroad, including the transfer of the company’s headquarters abroad without liquidation.

Certain tax consequences result in the sale of an enterprise or an organized part of an enterprise, in-kind contribution or a cash increase in share capital. It is important to carry out such transactions in an optimal tax way. A separate issue is planning in the event of succession in business and the related restructuring of family enterprises. Passing a business requires reflection. Planning business succession also involves specific tax consequences. In the restructuring processes, domestic and foreign entities are used, including companies, trusts and foundations. Tax planning has advantages and disadvantages and limits that are difficult to capture. But the business succession plan goes beyond the scope of tax law.

It is worth taking advantage of consultations not only with a tax advisor, but also with legal and accounting advisor. All work in our team.