Taxes abroad

Our tax office is a member of the international ITSG (International TaxSpecialistGroup) network, which brings together lawyers and law firms specializing in tax consulting in over 40 countries around the world.

Thanks to our contacts, we can organize legal and tax assistance in most European Union countries, as well as in the USA, Canada, Russia, China, Japan, Australia or Turkey. Participation in cyclical ITSG tax conferences allows us to better understand the dynamic changes in international tax law. Regulations such as BEPS, MLI, GAAR, CFC re-shape relationships in international tax law. Old tax optimization plans require an immediate tax audit in terms of compliance with the general tax circumvention (GAAR) clause, regulations on foreign controlled entities (CFC) or the provisions on exchange of information on tax matters.

Tax challenges are posed by new technologies such as automation, robotization, blockchain technology, high frequency trade, fintech technology (financial technology). Freedom of movement of people and capital is linked to the issue of change of tax residence of natural and legal persons. OCED, the European Union and national governments are working on introducing a new tax, the cybertax. There will be a new link tax. It is possible that in Poland, as in other countries, exittax will be introduced. By constantly cooperating with ITSG advisors on international or cross-border tax matters, we are prepared for the upcoming changes.