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“On Mount Aventine, above the Tiber, the peaceful Via di Santa Sabina leads you past ancient monasteries, and churches to a small piazza embellished with obelisks and trophies in stucco. Above a brown door to the right are the arms of the Knights of Malta. But the door is closed and barred. Through the keyhole alone you can get a view of the sequestered precincts. And what a view it is!” **

** S.E. Rasmussen, Experiencing Architecture

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“All are speaking of two different sides of one and the same object, without suspecting that there is neither controversy nor contradiction between them. One comes too close to the building, so that he sees only a part of it; the other goes too far away, so that while he sees the whole façade he does not see the parts.”**

**M. Gogol, Selected Passages from Correspondence with his Friends, translated by Jesse Zeldin, Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville.


Tax consultancy
Consultancy on tax law is entrusted to a group of lawyers and tax advisors specializing in this matter. The scope of tax consultancy is specified by the Act. As you can guess, this is the Act of 5 July 1996 on tax consulting.
Tax proceedings
We handle tax cases of our clients. We know from experience that every tax case is an individual, unique matter. The factual situation established in one tax case will not be relevant in any other case. There are no two identical tax cases.
Tax books
We offer tax books outsourcing services, covering accounting books, tax records of incomes and expenditures, records (VAT records) and other registers, which taxpayers, payers and collectors are obliged to keep under the law.